How to get him to confess his love

How to get him to confess his love
 You've been together for a long enough period of time, your sympathy is mutual, but your partner has not yet said three cherished words "I love you." Of course, every girl hopes it is on such a confession of love from her man, and what he does not do this, many of the fairer sex is a misunderstanding. How can elect to make a declaration of love?
 If your partner is not a declaration of love, do not show excessive persistence. This behavior can only push a man. First, you need to be patient and not try to rush a loved one. After all, admit that you are not so important these words, the feelings that accompany them.

Declaration of love girls should be sincere, so you also need to make some effort. Show your lover that you really care about him, support him in difficult moments and sincerely express their feelings. But do not be a drawn out and for men only friend, remember that you must remain desirable and sensual. Maybe you inspire his beloved to a declaration of love in verse.

Many men are afraid to admit in love, because they believe this is a very serious step, like a marriage proposal. Therefore it is necessary to displace the minds lover thought that after the declaration of love you will immediately flee to apply to the registrar and start planning kids. We need to show that you can not pretend to his freedom and totally trust him. In this case, a man confesses his love sincerely, and not because of the confusion.

If you're one of the brave and strong women, then it will be easier to talk about the experience feelings first, then the man will know that in response he gets cold reaction and immediately recognized you in love. If you find this step is too difficult, try sending romantic sms or an e-mail with the magic word. However, do not ask his men to respond immediately, give him time to reflect on all and make an informed decision.

If a guy is quite shy about his feelings is much more gentle action and say to you attitude. The representatives of the stronger sex are many reasons not to talk about their feelings: low self-esteem to the bad experience of the past. Therefore, the cost to respect his position and not make a declaration of love the subject of blackmail and quarrels. Beautiful declaration of love - this is not an indication that love itself is just as beautiful and true.

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