Bring it to clean water!

Bring it to clean water!
 Loving woman trusts her man, it's so clear and natural! The idea that the closest person can lie, mislead, it just seems blasphemous. However, sometimes even the most devoted and patient wife or girlfriend, it is suspected may be that he has long been in love with another?

The idea of ​​the ability to change your favorite haunted, tormented, just crazy. Some women begin furiously jealous of their lovers, arrange them almost interrogation: where was why delayed. Someone secretly check his correspondence, someone does not shrink even surveillance.

Are there any signs that may be highly likely to bring the wrong man "clean water"? Yes, and a lot of them!

Your husband or lover before was completely indifferent to the appearance. So much so that you had to put a lot of effort to before going to work to get him to put on a clean shirt and clean shoes. And the most timid and delicate hints about the fact that it would not hurt to put in order the nails caused an angry reaction: firstly, thank God, he has the orientation of all right, and secondly, it just does not want to deal with such nonsense! Now, if a man have changed: holds the mirror almost more time than you, watches a fashion, even - horror of horrors - obviously doing manicure. With a probability of 99%, it was another woman!

Previously, he was genuinely interested in everything that is relevant to you. What and how it was to work with someone you met today, what was said, I praise you boss, whether reconciled with Lenka whether to recognize the wrongfulness Masha. Sometimes, you may even have experienced because of this some irritation: the man, and curious, like a woman! Now it's in the past. What's happening at your service, what is the relationship with his girlfriend is not interested.

More recently, he literally flew home from work to see you as soon as possible. Now, increasingly delayed until late: Head reload the overtime! In this talk, what exactly it is, absolutely do not want, saying that one thought about this infuriating.

Had never refused to have sex, in fact, in most cases, take the initiative and very annoyed when you refused him, citing fatigue or headache. Now he suffers from chronic fatigue and headache. A rare occasions it became proximity responsibilities in the full sense of the word.

Literally "affinity" with a mobile phone, not allowing you to him. Calls reacts too nervous, says often common, streamlined phrases that were previously not peculiar to him.

All of the above features can not accurately indicate treason. Perhaps your husband just tired or really had a lot of work, but the fact that the cell did not let go - waiting for an important call from a partner. Anyway, before something "sniff out", think, and if you need it.

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