10 rules of how to maintain relationships

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 Find your soul mate is very difficult, but even more difficult to meet her, do not lose. To love is not drowned in everyday problems and everyday troubles fine should be able to maintain a relationship with someone you love today and tomorrow may be too late. How to do it?

Rule №1: Be able to joke

Try not to take things seriously. In family life, be sure to find a place for pranks and good jokes. They are not only able to relieve stress, but also make life more interesting.

Rule №2: try to avoid disputes

Surely you have a loved one, there are issues in which your views diverge. Do not attempt to prove his innocence, it can lead to a quarrel. Better to let everyone remains at the opinion.

Rule №3: spend time together

Make time for the two of you and go do something interesting.

Rule №4: always go back to the origins of the relationship

Remind each other about what you do and where to go when just met. These memories can refresh your senses and make positive emotions in relationships.

Rule №5: farewell

Always remember that everyone has the right to make mistakes. Learn to forgive each other.

Rule №6: do not forget to touch each other

Physical contact in relationships is very important. Touches are a way of taking care of tenderness.

Rule №7: do not violate personal space partner

Prolonged exposure to each other can very quickly get bored. So learn to sometimes spend time alone, for example, with friends.

Rule №8: Be unpredictable

Do not act at the same scenario. Try to diversify life, surprise partner, so he will never lose interest in you.

Rule №9: secret place
Think or find some secret place that only you will know where you can hide when you really want to be alone.

Rule №10: communicate

The main cause of problems in relationships - lack of communication. Try to avoid this. Talk about what you want. Do not judge. Just listen.

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