Why can not you give the clock

Why can not you give the clock
 Often we are faced with the question of what to give to people close to all kinds of holidays. The point is not easy, because when choosing a gift must be taken into account a lot of factors: the price issue to preferences - his and our. Someone takes into account the signs that are associated with a particular gift. According to many, one of the most unwanted gift - a watch.

Watch - is that constantly reminds us of the time. Counting the seconds, minutes and hours, and they mark our lives - second by second, hour by hour. And in the human brain appears this analogy: stop watch - stop life? Perhaps that is why there are the following two beliefs.

The first is related to the fact that it is impossible to give each other a loving watch people. Said that while the clock is running, you will be together, but as soon as the stop, stop, and relationships. According to some national signs such gift will lead to the fact that a spouse will change you, or at least to deceive. In principle, this situation is not difficult to get out, not taking a gift, and buying a watch from a loved one for a ruble, for example. Nominal charge - and the clock will not prevent you from being together.

The second version of these superstitions even more tragic. In this case, the clock associated with the human heart. At first, go fine, but as soon as the mechanism there are any problems, begin to act up, and eventually stop. So, unfortunately, happens to the heart muscle man. In China, for example, the clock can give, inviting the funeral. And in Europe believe that the person presenting as a gift to watch, you thereby shortens his life: when the clock stops, stops and his life.

On the other hand, the clock - for a man is a regular collaborator. What can we do without a clock? Watches are so necessary to us to hurry somewhere, do something, when to stay. The most basic and most complex cases - all we have time to watch thanks! In addition, the stylish watch nobody has prevented as an accessory, as well as a bright accent in the interior of the room. So, give or not to give the clock - everyone decides on their own.

Generally, clock or watch, but the gift must be chosen with an eye to a particular person. He will be fondly remember you if you give him something appropriate or useful, or will soon get rid of the gift, if you give it, not thinking properly. By the way, do not ever part with the things you donated by peredarivaniya. If you do this thing to nothing, why he should arrange for someone else? In addition, all the secret always becomes clear, and you can get into an awkward position.

Finally, consider that it may be useful to your loved one, than you do not offend or upset. And boldly giving. By the way, if he asked you to give him, say, watch what there signs? Drop fears and boldly giving! Let him be nice.

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