Trends that he hates

Trends that he hates
 "A real woman can be immediately recognized by its unruly fashionable standards, it is only that it is" - so said Soviet science fiction writer Ivan Efremov. And he was right. Modern women are trying to follow the fashion trends, trying to please the male sex. But few people think, and things like these men. Some of the stronger sex trends in fashion are called funny and sometimes asexual.

Many women may dismiss, they say, do not dress for men. But this is not true, because every deep down wants to cause excitement among the stronger sex, sympathy. Therefore, buy trendy things, but if you think about it, we can conclude that not the clothes make the man, and he did. But, nevertheless, the girls are becoming more and more unattractive things.

Today, leggings have become very popular. It's a cross between tights and trousers. They fit tightly hips and legs, they can be worn without a skirt. Usually they are just below the knee. Women are confident that it is such tight pants will bring joy for men. But as you know, a woman should be a mystery to men, but here even dream about, so to speak, all in the mind. Sometimes they dress fat women, because leggings are comfortable. In this case, they certainly look asexually.

Very funny look and Afghanis is pants low bunt. They went into the wardrobe of the modern woman recently, but already firmly sit there. Many men these bloomers diaper resemble crowded. And what kind of sympathy and desire there may be referring to?

Today, more and more women acquire a huge glasses that cover nearly half of the face. Men, they clearly do not like. First, one might get the impression that you're under them something to hide, for example, a bruise, and secondly, they cover your face, because of this, young people can not even pay attention to you.

No less popular now and overalls. From a male point of view, a woman dressed in such clothes, looks like a child that does not add to her appeal.

Some men do not like the dress with a high waist. And the thing is that they have once a sneaking suspicion that you are hiding beneath folds of fat, and it fills women.

Flip flops, flip-flops, in the opinion of men, make a woman completely non-sexual. Here are shoes with heels - yes. But the whole point gait. Why would you like to pace on the podium in flip flops?

The list includes such things and headbands. Many individual male love stroking the girl's hair, and when the arm comes across something that is annoying them.

Not to buy asexual and unattractive things, talk to your loved ones or with a friend before going to the store. Remember that the man can give advice when choosing clothes. Maybe then you should take it with you shopping?

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