Scents and sexual desire

Scents and sexual desire
 It is said that guys like eyes, girl - ears. However, in order to manifest this desire, you need to be interested in your partner smell. Smells can both enhance sexual desire, and kill it altogether.

You would think that the young man in the picture, with which you are not familiar, will be your guy? Do not build any plans on account of his long until you take a closer look. Desire can disappear in a moment when you feel the smell. The decision is made for a couple of seconds. During this time, it becomes clear whether the person is a sexual interest to you.

Scientists have almost proved that so people can find your perfect option, that is, its genetic partner. If someone you do not like the smell, it means that its genes are very similar to yours, and their mating clearly inappropriate. It is not necessary to develop a relationship with a guy, think about posterity. Nature gives us to understand that the results will be disastrous.

To attract the attention of sexual partners use a variety of fragrances. As with pheromones, as usual. Action on human pheromones is very significant. They "work" and after the first meeting, representing a kind of chemical catalyst love.

Pheromones - is sufficiently strong mixture that consists of body odor, hair, and mucous membranes. You perceive them with a special receptor, which is located in the nose.

Five recommendations for odors:

1. Do not forget that you are what you eat. Food that you used, allocates breath, can change the sweaty smell. Do not lean on hot and spicy food. Otherwise, continue the relationship in bed will not.

2. Do not use a lot of aromatherapy. Heavy, thick smell of incense or candles often entails very unpleasant consequences, and may discourage sexual desires in bed.

3. Do not confuse the kitchen and bedroom. Food odors can "kill" sexual desire. If in the bedroom, there are flavors of fried potatoes, stews or beer, is it possible to go to the erotic wave? Of course, you will think how to eat, not to make love. So without hoods can not do.

4. Do not use only one perfume. Find "your" scent harder than a Man of her dreams. But picking the right scent, you do not want to part with him. But the smell is necessary to change a certain cycle: at least once in 1-2 years. The first time your fragrance makes him delight, then sympathy and habit, and then disgust.

5. Tame your man smell. Put on his coat and shirt. Or soak in fragrant fingers his cell phone or diary. But the flavor should be gentle, little perceptible, no need to pour a bottle of perfume.

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