Pikaper: how not to fall for his bait?

Pikaper: how not to fall for his bait?
 The purpose pikapera - to seduce the girl, to convince her to spend the night with him, and then throw. This allows a young man to raise self-esteem, to show his coolness and just have fun. Girl who does not want to become another victim of pick up artist should be very careful in dealing with men.
 The first thing to learn to understand that before you just pick up artist, not just a man who wants to meet you. Most often young men who are looking for girls for one night, trying to get to know the club, in the park, on the street. It is unlikely that such a person will come to the lady, for instance, in the museum. His goal - to find a place where a lot of girls to go from one to the other in case of failure. Sometimes pikaper simply collects phones women to prove the rest of their appeal and get contact details of several potential victims.

Unfortunately, there are no external signs by which you can immediately find out pikapera. It can be dressed modestly or provocatively, to look shy or cheeky bully an excellent student, and manner of speech can be different. However, such seducers, especially beginners tend to use templates. They have a number of standard methods of dating, both successful and not. For example, some men stop girls on the street and start chattering, not letting them get a word about some mutual friends, meetings and so forth. Then pick up artist pretends that oboznalsya and millet phone. If desired, you can find patterns dating and memorize them. Another option - use of original responses, as they knocked pikapera confused, torn set by the pattern of dating.

If you still are not sure that before you pick up artist will agree to spend a little time together and observe its behavior. If he starts to touch you, even accidentally, joke or just to talk on intimate topics, ask about your personal life or hinted at sex, interrupt communication. Even one of the above features will already be enough. If pikaper realizes that he can not tempt you fast, you will lose interest for him.

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