Man of my dreams

Man of my dreams
 If you conduct a survey among young women on the street, they met in the life of a man his dream, only very few of them will be able to say "yes". The majority of "no" answers.

Of all the women's dreams dreams of men the strongest and most unrealized.

At all times, a girl's dream of the perfect lover have carried their owners far from reality. In 14-17 years, it is quite permissible. At a young age girls dream of famous actors, singers, athletes. It is clear that the chance to meet with them and even more to have an affair - one in a million.

Over time, the naive girl's hobbies are giving way to a more sober and even mercantile outlook on life. And the idea of ​​a man's dream, too, is changing. Now a young woman dreams about smart or talented, successful and certainly a handsome man. In our time it takes the scale of mass meditation. Of course, we, stupid, can understand. What woman does not want to work for her stunning handsome drove on a new Ford or Mercedes. And to all the friends green with envy. This is a prerequisite. But the reality is cruel. And in marriage, we go beyond normal real men, not metrosexuals with a glossy magazine cover.

A married woman stubbornly continues to dream. Now her dream - the perfect husband. As of the old song, "To not drink or smoke, and flowers always gave, that gave salary, mother in law called my mother ...". Yeah. We only let women. Themselves without help, we will not stop.

But men, of course, by all means honestly resist our unbridled fantasies and doing everything possible to bring them to an end.

While the women are busy farming and dreams, quietly fall comes life. And old ladies dream about was to have children and grandchildren, all was in order, and they themselves do not dopekayut disease.

Looking stern glance over his spectacles at his shabby life wife, she, unhappy, suddenly said to herself: "He is the man of my dreams."

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