Lessons of seduction for men

Lessons of seduction for men
 Men by nature are males and conquerors. Seduce a woman - a worthy representative of the inheritance of each of the stronger sex. However, to do it on impulse and thoughtlessly totally unacceptable. Your excessive zeal can to push the girl on the thought of his own availability, and then you will never get to seduce her with all its consequences.  

First of all, you have to be fair patience and perseverance. If a man can covet a woman at a glance, the fair sex such a thing almost unknown (not to speak of a nymphomaniac). If the male sees his subject exclusively to sexual relations, women in most cases want to buy a reliable partner in life. If you have a long and methodically attentions and his whole appearance to create the feeling that "it will be up to you like a stone wall", then success will be extremely close.

Tighten konfentno buketny period is definitely not worth it. Courtship should be enough, but not too much. You need to catch the moment when at last it will be possible to lead a little brazen. Without this seduction is unlikely. Most women do not like to take decisive action themselves, so they are waiting for them on the part of men. However, this should not be an appeal to grope and direct attempts to get under her skirt. The idea is to energize and motivate a woman by a much more modest things. Even a man with ordinary appearance can charm your girl compliments occasional light touch, soulful eyes.

Compliments should also be careful. Women love the ears, this assertion has long been crammed many nauseam. But these ears want to hear only what will be their mistress liking. No need to build from a brutal macho talk greasy or send compliments. Simply take her hands, look into my eyes and in the same breath to give something more decent and literary. Flirting should not go beyond decency.

Finally it should be said that for women is very important as well-groomed man. Can not be Marlon Brando or Brad Pitt, but watch out for is definitely necessary. Clean hair, manicured hands, smooth skin, pleasant fragrance - all this will motivate Woman afford intimacy with you. Remember, it does not matter what your eye color or hair, or what you possess the constitution. Need to see the object of his sexual desire reliable, charming, well-groomed and slightly mysterious men. In this case, you can be sure - it will not stand the temptation to take its toll!

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