Intimate talk

Intimate talk
 Straight talk very often helps to find a way out of the seemingly intractable situation. Most conflicts are due to misunderstandings. The difference in the perception of the men and women erects a high wall of alienation between loving partners.
 To talk on the souls need to prepare in advance. You should not start a candid conversation with strangers, do it when one of the partners was tired, upset, or busy with something. It is necessary to choose the moment, it is desirable in the day, pour some tea or coffee and tune in a serious conversation. Better if between the interlocutors will not be obstacles, such as a table. This will create an unnecessary psychological distance. Important conversations are most easily when the partners are sitting side by side on the couch or in a chair across from each other.

Facing a serious conversation needs to calm down. If you are afraid that emotions prevail, drink valerian tincture or Leonurus. And do not be afraid to express everything that had accumulated. The faster the partner finds out about your fears, desires, needs, the easier it will be communication in the future.

Be particularly careful to prepare for the conversation on intimate topics. In this regard, men are very vulnerable, any criticism would be perceived hostility. Therefore, you need to discuss something, how do you imagine the process of making love, tell me that you fit in the art of sex, in what way you get more fun. Do not blame the partner that he is doing something wrong. Just explain how and of what constitutes your orgasms, and he is sure to execute the next time these instructions.

Another complex topic - relationships with loved ones. Whatever relatives partner - this is his home. Offend and insult told them not worth it. If you are worried about something, tactfully speak out, explain what you dislike. Try to find a reason why a close loved one coming in, in your opinion, not too decent. If a compromise is not possible - not configure partner against relatives. Simply pinch your communication with them to a minimum, keep friendly, but do not impose their society.

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