How to understand the serious intentions of men

How to understand the serious intentions of men
 Meeting with a man, a woman, of course, want to determine how serious their relationship to him. Understand the intentions of your chosen can if you carefully observe its behavior.
 A man for whom you - not the next and quickly passing infatuation and love of his life, is sure to become try to see you more often. Confirm the seriousness of his intentions may be your regular visits, his desire to meet you after school or work and a desire to spend all their free time in your campaign.

Your sociable man suddenly became tactfully excluded from the circle of the dialogue almost all women who had seen with pleasure? This act also speaks volumes about what your favorite already found your soul mate - you.

Proof of his strong feelings can serve and what conversations you gradually moved from general and meaningless the weather and the new movie premieres to more serious matters. For example, your partner began sincerely to share with you my plans for the future, frankly spoke about his financial situation and even openly spoke about his past love interest. If he also began to discuss with you their dreams of future children or arrangement of parts family nest - it means that the object of your attention towards you most serious intentions.

Your mutual friends more often tell you that you are interested man after getting to know you have become almost indifferent to his bachelor hobbies? If he no longer dreams of fishing, as before, and almost no watches every football match involving his favorite team - a bright sign that his feelings of love to you stronger every day.

No less important evidence that is likely your romantic encounters will escalate into something more, and can serve as a fact that your partner will introduce you to their friends. And even if you were visiting his parents, and they are happy to see you at a party once again - it is quite likely that you will soon come into their house on the Rights of the legitimate wife of their beloved son.

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