How to make a man give up sex

How to make a man give up sex
 It is believed that the majority of men are always experiencing sexual attraction to the weaker sex. But it turns out not only women refuse to have sex, referring to a headache or a bad mood. Sometimes, and representatives of the male avoid intimacy with their wives and girlfriends. And such couples not only have sex, but even avoid hugging and kissing.  

Girlfriend or wife has ceased to call it sexual attraction. If a man is healthy, it is inherently sexy. The majority of boys masturbate regularly, and hence the desire to have everything in order. Just a stable, reliable family relationships do not cause a man other senses besides boredom. They need adventure to the "blood boil."

He stopped having fun and sex has become a routine. Man loses interest in sex, if it lacks experiments diversity, a flight of fancy. It's funny that he would speak openly about their desires, but he did not try to make a variety of joint sex life. Is much easier to criticize your partner for bad sex and lack of new sensations.

The man is angry at his partner. These men all the time it seems that they are undervalued woman. That they are constantly criticized, control every step or they mean nothing to his partner. Man becomes irritable, constantly dissatisfied with something, screams. It is not surprising that in a situation of war, partners not to sex.

Partner strongly recovered. Oddity is that as far as not recovered a man, he does not consider himself no longer attractive to women. But if the partner gained excessive weight, she immediately ceases to be a beautiful and desirable.

The man loves to watch pornography. It happens that the partner does not criticize her man likes to experiment in bed and knows how to please him. And he prefers a real relationship sites frank theme. The problem is that these men live in their fantasies, which have replaced them live chat and sex life.

There is also still a number of reasons due to which men refuse to close. Among them are: depression, alcoholism, impotence, mental disorders and even the desire to punish the woman. Fortunately, these reasons are not as widespread as the first five.

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