How to make a man appreciate you

How to make a man appreciate you
 Unfortunately, sooner or later a romantic candy buketny period ends, begins life with daily chores and responsibilities. There are men who are beginning to perceive the efforts of women for granted, sometimes even forgetting to thank.
 Of course, this state of affairs can be tolerated and all give up, explaining the behavior of the wife of a habit and daily routine, from which no escape. But it is better to politely make it clear to the partner that you are not very satisfied, and make you appreciate more.

Women tend to take on their fragile shoulders as much as possible and responsibilities at home and in relationships. The desire to control everything and is always inherent in the majority of beautiful ladies. But is it so exhausting yourself? Please note, the men came after work, dinner and sit down to rest, while their halves, as an institution, cook dinner, clean the house, do the lessons with the child, and then still find the strength to sex. How long at this rate it is simply impossible to reach without having accumulated a chronic fatigue and a general dissatisfaction with life. In addition, men are very quickly get used to this routine and find it quite natural. It is not necessary to take on all the work around the house, ask your partner to help you. Just do not put a firm ultimatum: if you did not share household duties at the beginning of your life together, you should start with small things - a drop wears away the stone.

In no case do not forget about yourself - your favorite: self-sacrifice has long been out of fashion. The more you protect a man from life, the faster it will take it for granted. Do not need to because life neglect their own interests, self-care, in the end, in the meantime, you could spend together.

If you find time every day to do them, you will not only increase your self-esteem, but also to make a man forget that next to him a woman with a capital letter. Do not relax, even if the man became friends and family, and your relationship has lasted more than one year. Faded robe and oblezshy manicure still decorates nobody. Get a rule to always look well-groomed and neatly: fresh manicure, beautiful lingerie, a drop of your favorite perfume, neat appearance - and even at home you will look queen. Men instinctively drawn to women who are happy with themselves and look after their appearance. It is a vicious circle: you do not love yourself - no one will appreciate.

Remember how you behaved when just met with your chosen one? Surely you've paid much attention to their appearance, flirted with him, all the free time spent together? Try to ease back into your relationship, and it's sure to make you a partner to reopen as a lovely and charming woman, you want to cherish and protect.

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