Glasses through which women look at the man of her dreams

Glasses through which women look at the man of her dreams
 "Require logic of passionate love of a young woman - anyway, what to look for the sun in the dead of night! "- So wrote Stefan Zweig in his book" Mary Stuart ". The author thus likening tried to explain why an outstanding, intelligent, cheerful Scottish Queen married a man who clearly was not worthy of her. Not wanting to listen to exhortations and close friends: "Wake up, Your Majesty, what you're doing! "The disappointment came soon after the wedding and it was very bitter.

Countless women admitted earlier and still allow the exact same error. Because they look at the beloved is not clear, unclouded eyes, and "through the lens", which are different, but in any case distort reality.

The expression "to look through rose-colored glasses" has long meant that the people watching is not a reality, and embellished, idealized world created by his imagination. Woman "who has put" glasses such glasses, sees nothing but the dignity of the elect, moreover, repeatedly exaggerated, and to focus not notice the shortcomings of even the most egregious. Try to point it at this - a futile exercise. Similarly, as the ill-fated Mary stubbornly refused to believe that her beloved Henry Darnley - snapper, a braggart, a drunkard and a generally more than an ordinary person.

Love can make people happy, but it also sometimes makes severely suffer. Especially if he has low self-esteem. A woman who is too low opinion of himself, can pass through most real meal: because she thinks that she has no chance to achieve his love! After all, a man who she loves - the embodiment of all the virtues, and she ... well who she is! Than she can get his attention?

Such a woman is tormented, tortured by complexes. She wants to talk to him, but the fear of appearing ridiculous, absurd, makes to keep his mouth shut. In such cases, they say: "A man looking through dark glasses."

Sometimes there is a situation: just a passing glance, a pair of random phrases, and the woman is already firmly convinced that finally met the man of her dreams. And it did not even occur comes to mind: what he thinks about the man himself? She had no doubt he loves her, but is afraid to admit. Whether out of modesty, or fear of being rejected! And the woman struggled to inspire a man to be recognized, literally forcing him to his society.

This - "yellow glasses." So they say about a man overly confident. And also in its irresistible to the opposite sex.

Well, if a woman almost in each of her sex is ready to see an insidious razluchnitsa, just waiting for the right moment to seduce her man, this "green points" jealousy.

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