Bolshoi Theatre in the bedroom, or erotic role-playing games

Bolshoi Theatre in the bedroom, or erotic role-playing games
 Sexual role-playing games bring in an intimate relationship freshness, originality and a lot of amazing emotions. They are incredibly excited and are beneficial to the relationship with your own half. Get a couple-three you liked attributes and details of clothing, tune in a playful way and be prepared for a pleasant discovery and unforgettable pleasure.

For costume suit black high-heeled shoes, lace apron, black stockings and a bow on the neck. In your hands, take a new brush for dust. So you - maid dusting with furniture in the house of wealthy people. He - the young playboy son of the owner, who begins to pester you brazenly during your work. Of course, you can not deny it, or can you get fired, so the case ends with appeasement young master in bed.

In the Army
As a costume attribute can be used panties and topic komuflyazhnogo color. You can be, for example, strict praporschitsey selection committee to which the medical examination was on your inexperienced rookie gotovshy fulfill your wildest desires, just to hang from the army. Or you can choose the role of a young mashinstki, which entered service in part to an experienced officer. Army chief can produce a variety of orders from the command "lie" to oral sex for the sake of the homeland.

Glasses, stockings, tied back hair, a white blouse with a few buttons and rastegnut indecently short skirt. You can zastavte your "boss" by surprise. For example, when reading a book or playing a computer game, get in close under the table, rastegnite his pants, and without further ado get down to business, more precisely, to the body of a loved one.

Call girl
The image of a Call Girl is easy to implement: bright makeup, fishnet stockings, high heels, T-shirt over his naked body and super-mini skirt. Uncomplicated game, like the oldest profession. You can perform all of the desires of your nenaglyadnogog "client", for which he takes a fee. Cash at the end of the game you can safely assign. When you go to buy them something nice, it once again remind you of hot "bedding" moments.

White stockings, kortky robe and warmer, underwear - not necessarily. You can start with a massage intimate places that prescribed by your doctor. Can use the oil. During the procedure, gravely tell "wards" that intimate massage of "improves hormones in the body, significantly increases the potency and promotes excellent health." Then, suddenly, the corresponding role of horny nurses begin to admire the beauty of manhood "patient". Then you can gently move on to oral sex.

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