The history of things: glasses aviators

The history of things: glasses aviators
 Some things never go out of fashion. There comes a time when they become classics. So it was with a little black dress by Coco Chanel, with jeans, white shirts. It happened with aviator glasses, or "drops".

The love story of mods to glasses aviator quite interesting. They are so named because they were specifically designed to be worn by American pilots. The fact that the shape of glasses aviators perfectly fit the contours of any person, and the materials used in their production, do not miss the sunlight. They were developed by Bausch & Lomb specifically for pilots in 1929 and were valuable in the first place, its practical and solar control properties.

But in 1937 the company released the Ray-Ban sunglasses aviators who could buy anyone. They got to the free market and quickly grew fond public. Points teardrop loved General Douglas MacArthur, often appeared in them in public, and largely thanks to his glasses aviators were seen mods that time.

As time went on, fashion sunglasses aviators did not pass. Even more popular this form of frames acquired by the fact that loved by many world stars. Aviators have become an integral part of the way Boney M, Sylvester Stallone and other popular personalities. This undoubtedly contributed to the spread of popularity points aviators.

But the secret of the popularity of this form of frames is not so much practical, but in the fact that they are suitable for everyone. These glasses are suitable for any face shape, you only need to find the right size and color of the glass. These glasses are one of the few that are suitable to any person and any style of clothing, from casual - jeans and T-shirts to the romantic image of colorful summer dress. Aviators are suitable for both men and women, to a business suit and ripped jeans, so have in your collection such points is necessary.

Today glasses aviators include in their collections everything optics manufacturers. With these points escape from the sun so many international stars. This is not surprising, because their design has undergone significant changes since their inception. Today you can find glasses with both subtle and almost imperceptible rim, and with more massive sports style. They are mirrored, fully transparent and all shades of glass. Therefore, each chosen a aviators, which are ideal his appearance and style.

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