Summer hats model

Summer hats model
 Fashionistas in the winter, of course, can not do without stylish hats, which, moreover, protect and head. In summer, many girls and women of middle age prefer to keep your head open, and everywhere, except that the beaches. And in vain, because the models summer hats a lot and find the one that will complement the created image, can for themselves any fashionista.
 Cloche hats Retro

Today Cloche hats retro decorated fun and elegant bows ribbons, which gives them a special charm. Yes, these hats were popular back in the 1970s, but today they are in demand - fashion makes a new round.

Straw hats, boaters

This classic model is now pertinent as ever, not only for the beaches or cruise liners. Straw hats to help complete the romantic summer outfit. They are, after all, can be combined with everyday clothes - they are well protected from the sun.

Fashion cap

Sporty style of dress has not been canceled, and this summer he is one of the main summer trends. Fashionable hats every styles throughout replenish sports collection. They have become not just a headdress with a visor that protects from the sun while jogging, now cap - a fashion accessory. There are hats and purely for sport, and for every day. It is easy to pick the right model.


These scarves, tied down, do not go out of sight of fashion designers already long enough. Today, every self-respecting fashionista's wardrobe should be at least one such. Also popular and scarves, and scarves, shawls and other.

Scarves as scarves

Not necessarily istaptyvat currently heels wandering around the fairgrounds, to find a really trendy headgear for the summer. Just take light scarf from some spring collection. It can be decorated with some nice pattern, ornament. Put it on the head, fixing the way you want.

Win-win situation - to tie a scarf as a classic scarf. That it has been used by designers to show the latest collection of Prada. It is worth noting subdued fashion critics from all over the world.

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