Points for you to face

Points for you to face
 If you have to wear glasses for vision problems, it is possible to turn them from the subject of the need for a fashion accessory that will make you more attractive. Correctly chosen form of points can help to hide facial imperfections and highlight its advantages.

Points appeared in the early fourteenth century. Since then, their shape is repeatedly changed, subject to the requirements of comfort, durability and of course, fashion. At different times were fashionable wide glasses, lorgnettes, monocles, in our age are becoming popular lens.

If you have a small face with a small nose, do not wear wide glasses with heavy frames. In such a case, the person will seem even smaller and lost his glasses. Better to choose a medium-sized glasses, pridvinuv them closer to the nose. Long nose can visually shorten, if you wear glasses below the nose. Wide nose "narrows" when points elongated rim, also worn below the nose.

In order to choose the right form of points, determine the type of person. It can be square, round, triangular, oval or elongated.

A square face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and prominent jaw line. For her ideal "pilots" or large round glasses. They should be dark or bright frame with a low bridge. This type of glasses will visually soften and round the face.

Girls with round faces need to visually pull it out a form to make the face look more oval. For this fit rectangular or square glasses with wide arches. Frame they should be plastic and bright colors. Pointed form will attract eyes to the temples that visually lengthen the face.

The triangular shape - this is when a person is narrowed from the temples to the chin. In this case will look great rectangular or square glasses with rounded edges. They will balance a narrow bottom and a top. In no case do not fit glasses with lots of fine detail.

The most ideal face shape - is oval. To her glasses fit any shape and rim. So girls who have an oval face, you can safely experiment.

Elongated face will look favorably big points in any frame. But it is not suitable small glasses or rimless glasses.

When choosing sunglasses, consider that they should emphasize the best features and the size of the frame should be proportional to the size of the face.

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