How to wear glasses

How to wear glasses
 Points to many women - it is not only necessary thing, but an accessory that can add personality and charm to its owner. On points you can determine whether you have a sense of style and knowledge of the latest fashion trends. Therefore, the approach to the selection of frames, respectively.
 Face shape

When selecting points need to be taken into account the shape of the face. A triangular look good glasses with frames that top is wider than the bottom. Discard the massive and too bright frames. Prefer rims symmetrical rounded. To an elongated narrow face fits the classic rectangular frame. Do not wear big and bulky glasses, if you have a round face. Too small, too narrow and will not work, they only emphasize the roundness of the cheeks unnecessary. Best of all you will look rectangular glasses with thin frames.
If you have a square-shaped face, pick glasses with high rim, extended upward. Small glasses with a thin rim can be "lost" on a square face and angular glasses only underline its heaviness. But the owners of an oval face with regular features, you can choose any frame shape that liking.

Note that thick and dark rims can wear out and give too serious look. But they also highlight the personality and character of its owner. But thin and light frames "facilitate" face. They are well suited to women who do not seek to adjust their appearance.


If you wear glasses, make-up should be done very carefully. Spectacle lenses can visually reduce the eye, or, conversely, to make them bulging.

When you need to increase myopia eyes with makeup. On the upper eyelid Apply a light matte shade. Shade under the brow, use darker shades. Be sure to use mascara. No need to sum up the lower eyelid, but the outside corner of the eye is better to emphasize the dark eyeliner or shadow.

When farsighted eyes seem too close to the nose. Superimposed on the outer corner of the eye shadows are very light shades. Use a dark pencil to accentuate the lines of the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelashes slightly tronte ink. Make-up gently and not overdo it with shadows.


When choosing glasses, consider your lifestyle and kidney. If you are a lover of sports and an avid traveler, the strict conservative points you will look ridiculous. An elegant business lady will look perfect classic, delicate and expensive frame of known shape. Try to pick up points so that they successfully complement your image and match style of life.

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