Belt and belt as a complement to the image

Belt and belt as a complement to the image
 There were times when a belt (or belt) attached sacred significance. He defended the people from evil forces. Belt also had a purely utilitarian value: it was fixed holster, sword, purse. Today belt - a fashionable accessory that will accentuate your created image.
 Leather, fabric or woven belt has always been an essential accessory for women's fashion, because it helps to create a new image with a minimum of effort and resources. Today's fashion industry has to offer woman belt variety of shapes and textures. Moreover, the belt can be placed on the waist and the hips, getting each time a new image. That belt, with the right approach, it is a great help in the preparation of the female wardrobe.

Today belt pull together everything - from knitted dress up overcoat. It is even more simultaneous wearing belts. For example, the metal top of suede or denim.

Very fashionable today girdle of velvet or denim. They give the appearance of informality and add harmony. Especially they can advise women with a figure of the "hourglass". But remember, the imperfection waist wide belt strongly emphasize.

Belt with leather or fabric fringe inspired by Russian folk motifs. They look great in the summer as the addition of cotton and linen clothes.

In vogue very feminine belt of silk or satin fabric. Moreover, such a zone is not necessarily even buy every fashionista can make it myself from a scarf, satin ribbon or fabric available. Those who have the waist is not too thin, it is recommended to use the belt in black, dark blue or brown colors and tie their common node, without a bow.

Owners slim figure may be advisable thin straps that can be worn with a light dress or a skirt - "pencil". For the most daring fashionistas appeared thin straps with bows made of leather, which adds a share of immaturity in the image. Putting on a narrow belt with the dress, it's better to choose a contrasting color. For example, white to black, red to blue.

Owners figures "hourglass" or "pear" fit remni- thin metal chain. Usually they are free on hips, which makes this part of the female body special expressiveness.

Leather belt with rivets fit as to jeans and dress tunic. Just try to trim it so that the studs were not too massive. Otherwise you confused with biker.

Make belt mandatory part of his costume. He will emphasize the advantages of your figure and help you not go unnoticed.

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