Beauty and comfort: choose a wedding robe

Beauty and comfort: choose a wedding robe
 The wedding dress can be extended not only a veil. In the cold season will be so helpful a beautiful cape. It will allow you to feel comfortable while walking and a photo shoot outdoors. In addition, a stylish cape will make your outfit more diverse. On the street, you can wrap up in chilly soft cloth or fur cape chastely in the church will cover bare arms and shoulders. But during a banquet cape can be removed, showing all the dizzying neckline.
 Suitable cloak, cape, bolero or tippet can be found in the wedding salon, ordered from the dressmaker or make your own. It is not difficult, the main thing - to find the right material. It depends on the style of wedding dress, time of year and your preferences. In winter, especially effectively looks fur cape. Particularly gorgeous models sewn from natural short-nap fur - mink, ermine, polar fox cropped. But the cost of fur - for example, a rabbit, - do not look worse. Very stylish look of knitted fur capes or fabric cape trimmed with fluffy braid.

Alternative fur - soft and fluffy swan's down. These capes especially to face the young brides fragile. Instead of natural materials can be used imitation - faux fur of different textures. Make sure that this cape is not too heavy and cumbersome. The thinner the skin, the better it will look like a cape.

For the off-season suit cape fabric. Looks very elegant cape, made of the same material as the dress. But you can choose a more dense fabric. The main thing that matched the color tones. Light satin cape trim inlay, braid, fringe.

Cape style depends on the style of your dress. By direct payments simple silhouette suit cape bell-length below the waist. With lush crinoline harmonizes well short and wide cape. Stylish outfit, fitting shape, add an elegant cape, tailored on the bias and falling folds. Such a dress suit and narrow bolero.

Do not abuse the finish. Cape decorated with ruffles and puffed, come to along with a smooth skirt. Crinoline with rebounds and flounces Complete a simple cape trimmed with silk braid or a narrow strip of fur. Fur capes without finishing universal and suitable for any outfit.

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