You both have ceased to care about his love? Change the situation!

You both have ceased to care about his love? Change the situation!
 Sexual partners who have lived together long enough to notice that after a few years of their mutual passion subsided. This is a completely legitimate explanation, but many, it begins to really scare. You start to think that cooling is associated with treason or some health problems, so that your love is over, and you're tired of each other. Before you panic, deal with possible causes and find a way to re-enliven your senses and relationships.

One reason for this cooling, oddly enough, is ... love. This is a much stronger sense than passion, and quality is something else. The feeling of love replaces passion because your relationship appears calm and confidence in the strength of your feelings and of the correctness of your mutual choice. You begin to perceive your partner does not like the person you can always lose, but as the person with whom you already connects a lot. With that you, even despite its shortcomings, has never want to leave.

There are also purely physiological reasons for men to certain age reduces the potency and disappears giperskesualnost inherent in youth. At this age, sex may not be as frequent, but more "quality" - long and gentle. Women, though, and do not lose the desire to have sex, but its absence can be caused by fatigue, because they are also busy at work and on their shoulders the education of children and household chores.

Make sure that you have not ceased to care for her love and your feelings for each other is not cooled, and became even stronger, will help change the situation. You do not even need to buy a new apartment or building a house. Take a vacation for his love. It can be short - go out of the house alone in a small weekend trips.

If it's summer, take a tent, a bottle of wine. Marinate the meat in spices for barbecue. Just put a tent in the woods near a small body of water, dilute fire, stay together. Calm, nature, meat with spices and wine - a great aphrodisiac! You provided a beautiful night and romantic awakening under the tweet.

In winter, you can go on a tour or go to the nearest house holiday by booking a pre-doubles. Ski, take a walk in the woods, play snowballs, feel children. In place of the daily amusements will, for sure, a romantic evening.

Even following these simple recommendations, you can be sure that still love each other. More likely to change the situation and your feelings, and you will always be in a good tone!

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