With the baby in the car

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 Today's children spend much time traveling with her parents in a car. And if you are avid travelers, the children from an early age can make you company. The main thing is to consider all the conditions for comfortable and safe driving.

The most important thing to transport the baby in the car - its safety. Do not neglect the established rules - transporting children under 12 years of age using car seats. If you are traveling long distances, instead of a booster is better to put the child into a full seat, which is much more comfortable to sit hours. Even if the baby wants to sleep, that's no reason to pull him out of the chair and put in the back seat. You can lock the head of special road pillow and cover baby blanket. The bright sun protection special curtains on the side windows or protective shields on stickers.

If the trip is planned in hot weather, the car must be equipped with air conditioning or climate control. Otherwise, the child can get heat stroke. After all, the car interior in the heat warms up to record temperatures. And while driving the open windows can create drafts.

On a long journey, it is important to take breaks for rest, which will be useful for the driver. Doctors recommend a rest after every 400km spent in the car. In traveling with a toddler this figure must be divided in two. During stops snack and take the time to move around. If you stop at a roadside cafe, the child is better to take a lunch from home. It could be ready baby puree, warm up in the microwave which staff you hardly refuse.

But the biggest problem for many parents are a child in the way of entertainment. The baby is not interested just look out the window, it needs some action or activities that are restricted space of the seat. The easiest way - to include cartoons on a laptop or car TV. But this is not the best option - in motion picture jumps and the baby can head ache. Better develop the imagination baby, putting discs with fairy tales and nursery rhymes. Take toys or puzzles on the child's age, comment on everything interesting that happens outside - travel is a great opportunity to expand the boundaries of knowledge.

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