Take a couple of master classes from their children

Take a couple of master classes from their children
 After giving birth, adult enthusiastically received his education. It all starts with a simple child's learning to talk, for example, the sacred word "mom" and "dad". Learning how to crawl and walk. Already at an older age in training develops guidance on how to behave, what you can do, and what not. And, maybe, sometimes, parents should learn from their children?

Get at least their ability to genuinely enjoy each new discovery or upset in case of failure. If a child like your new friend, then he gave her a radiant smile. If not - then immediately frowned eyebrows or throw an indignant look. And as you meet is not very pleasant for you people? Do not hypocritical phrases with greetings and thoughts on how to quickly escape. Can admit how often this happens in your life?

If you dress up the baby in the most ridiculous clothes and go for a walk with him, even if he will feel at ease and respond to smiles or laughter of children passers sincere joy. The main criterion by which it will assess people - is good intentions, not their couture.

Also, you will never be able to force the baby to engage in such business, which he does not like. Only if you do not make it. But as practice shows, this is not the best education.

Every failure causes the child to move on and look for new ways. Not allowed to play with medications, so you can get and empty bottles. You can not cover glass from the pan, fit and metal. In adults, the opposite. It is necessary to examine the situation from all sides to find a set of solutions to the problem and be sure to spend a huge amount of time.

Child in every detail may find yourself something positive. And even if he got burned trying to check how hot tea, it is, of course, upset, but that in no case will not be an obstacle in his way of understanding the world. It will be for him a lesson, and next time it will be more accurate. Adult just scrolling through all the episodes in the head, in the end come to the conclusion that anything good with it just can not happen. We are so arranged people: around to look bad and look for opportunities to advance solutions to problems.

And finally, children will never attempt to teach us something. They can only show an adult by their behavior, how to relate to life. They love us and perceive the way we really are. We can from any whim to make a global conflict.

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