Reading morality: if all child hears?

Reading morality: if all child hears?
 All parents were once children, but by educating a new generation, often forget about it. Seeking truth from children shouting, boxing ears, reading morals. Want the child opened and told everything, and he was silent, like a fish, or threw a fit - not soothe. What to do with these "stubborn" children, how to teach hear parental guidance and education to meet the requirements?

First of all, you need to remember one rule: no one likes to listen to morality, neither adults nor children, nor, even more so, teenagers. Beautifully composed it the father or mother is transformed into a set of absurdities, if parents start to carry her immediately doubled in bulk. Should be replaced with reading morals specific task or question that the child himself must answer, preferably out loud, and then, as a chain, one after the other question and answer will lead to dialogue, which can reveal the whole problem.

It is interesting to observe the child from when the father (another close relative or caregiver) sets out correctly folded, it is difficult to perceive the text, sometimes forgetting about the child and quietly proud of himself: "For as he said! ". A educability side, usually looking down or to the side and thinks, "Well, now that all? Not yet continued ... "etc. And, of course, do not even think about the fact that he was talking about.

Any long speech confused man, confusing and does not work, so if you need to talk with your child, it must be for him to clear and short.

Undoubtedly, the reading of morality - it's better than slap or beating a child, but this method of education sometimes so psychologically hurt that offends a person stronger physical force is invisible There is the phrase "Better hit a couple of times, three hours will be all sorts of rubbish." Kohl conversation can not be avoided, should be prepared not to monologue, and the conversation. And if during thereof, the child is not silent, asks questions, mused aloud, the parent has reached the result, to reach out to the soul of his child. Perhaps, after a while, of course, not immediately, it will not repeat the mistake that allowed, for sure, not on purpose, but because of their physiology, as well as many other children, including parents (at the time).

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