Pregnancy: the beginning of a new life

Pregnancy: the beginning of a new life
 The news of her pregnancy every woman sees a whole range of emotions - from joy to endless frustration. It is not always obtained from the first minute to realize that his life would soon have to divide by two. Sometimes the child's father gives rise to feelings - for men this news, too, is a shock. Because now you two are not just beloved, you - the parents.
 Do not be afraid that you will not take the news of her pregnancy with wild enthusiasm. Some women need time, that accept and love their child. And it can happen and immediately after birth, and a year later ... This does not mean that you are a bad mother. It is not always easy to rebuild their entire lives for the sake of the little man. And even more so, you should not blame themselves for meager expression of feelings.

But the most difficult for a woman is the rejection of their traditional way of life. During pregnancy, there are restrictions that are difficult to observe those who led an active lifestyle. But this does not mean that we should give up on her hand and lie all 9 months on the couch. If you do not have medical contraindications, you can continue to work, travel, play sports and meet friends. Naturally, all loads must be slightly reduced.

 Do not give up the sex life, if there is no prohibition. Make it clear to your loved one that you are the same, just in a new status. By the way, for many couples become pregnant during sexual experimentation. Growing belly makes us look for new poses and caresses become more tender. Some women may complain of decreased sexual desire associated with hormonal changes in the body. The most important thing is not to dwell on their situation, not to discuss with her husband purchase sliders (there are friends). Stay for a woman who wants to desire and passion erstwhile gradually return to you.

Future Pope afraid of change as much as you. After all, he will be responsible for the pregnant wife and unborn child. From that day on, he can not afford to be irresponsible in terms of work, it should provide the child with all necessary. In an unstable economy, these fears are understandable. At a reasonable and rational approach can not spend a lot of money for a child. Make it clear to my husband that you will save significantly by attending physician in ordinary clinic. Children's clothes for the first time you give a friend, and a stroller or crib you buy is not new, but at a substantial discount. Calculate with spouse approximate budget for your family in the coming year. You, too, will make a great contribution, received maternity benefits and vacation pay for child care. Of course, the fact that children do not require investment, it is an illusion. But substantial funds need not now, but later - when you have to pay for tuition, mugs and sports clubs.

No matter how you perceived the birth of a new life inside of you, this is definitely a miracle. Yes, children are not always easy. But that they are only more wanted and loved. Time will pass and you will realize that pregnancy - the most beautiful state in the life of a woman. So enjoy them today.

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