If gifts transform children into little monsters ...

If gifts transform children into little monsters ...
 If you finally receive long-awaited baby, it is clear that all the relatives and friends of periodically buying baby gifts. After all, as it's nice - small and pamper your loved one. However, an excess of gifts and 'material' attention may eventually render evil service: after a shower of gifts for the holiday child suddenly become not look like himself - angry, irritable and cranky. At the same time he can sit surrounded by expensive and very interesting toys that bothered him in a day or two.

What happened? Psychologists say that for a young child with fragile psyche extraordinarily harmful any excess. He can not properly assess your impulse and, as a consequence, the kid overwhelmed with emotions that lead to the next stage - the stage of braking. Kid gets bored, he is naughty and requires more unusual toys and entertainment. And if you indulge in such a daze "requests", you can simply come to a standstill.

How can get out of this situation? Psychologists advise to first pay to attach the child more time. Under no circumstances should you try to interest him in the new but already bored with toys. The best thing for a while hide them away. And to distract bored child, lead him to walk, was taken to the bosom of nature, or simply read an interesting book together. But the toys, experts advise "issue" at a time - let the child first will play one of them, and when she tired - offer him a "new" toy out of the closet.

As many problems may arise during the holidays because of the constant "sweet" gifts - chocolate, candy and other treats. Not only that sweets are bad for overall health, besides baby, having eaten a few "extra" candy starts to act up considerably, falling asleep you categorical requests for the next portion of the sweet.

Parents should realize that sweet treats can cause dependence, similar to alcohol or nicotine: a few "sweet" days baby can not do without another dose of chocolate-marmalade.

Therefore, in this case, it is best to immediately collect all the sweet reserve and hide it in the future cabinet. Yes, forget the delicious sweets difficult, but if you do it hard and fast, the child is in a day or two will be much easier to go without treats. A chocolate without your child quickly cease to be capricious. The main thing - to constantly find entertaining lessons for the child, so the thought of "sweetened" boredom did not even attend.

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