I am a bad mother ?!

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 Often, women who have lost all hope to educate your child a worthy man, throw up their hands and say that parents are not received. But this is not always true, it probably is just a temporary surge of emotion that you want to survive.

When a woman says that she is a bad mother, it does not mean that the way it is. Negative attitude to a young mother herself may be the result of various psychological problems that require urgent solutions.

It happens that the mother begins to reproach myself looking at her crying baby. From this situation we can conclude that maternal skills this woman just beginning to take shape, it develops the role of mother. She needs to understand that there is good in education, and that - bad. A woman needs to understand that she learns to be a great mother, and that she is sure to succeed.

"I am a bad mother! "- Sometimes says the mother who gives all his time to the children. Similar conclusions it makes when you do not receive the attention and gratitude in return. Self-assessment of such mothers depends on an assessment of others. This woman needs to stop to put my feelings show, and understand that it is much more important to make your child happier than to hear from him, "thank you! ".

Many single mothers most of their lives at work, trying to feed themselves and their child. When they come home late at night, and the last effort to prepare dinner, parallel to distract your child from another computer shooting games, it comes to mind the idea that the role of the mother is not for them. In this situation, you must find the strength and turn the tide of the situation, bearing in mind that a child it does not matter how much time you spent together, and then how you spent this time.

Some mothers giving birth to a child throw up his grandmother and continue to live peacefully next. These women are openly saying that they are bad mothers, stating that the child would be better off with another man. According to them, a woman's happiness - is only the presence of a number of men. But the child is, and this will have to accept and understand that motherhood does not require the rejection of self-realization as the wife and the woman he loved.

In any case, young mothers who claim that they are - bad mother, you need to put yourself in front of the fact that they only learn to be parents. Child should see his mother happy, just so she can fall in love with your child as he deserves.

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