Doll - mirror of the soul of the child

Doll - mirror of the soul of the child
 It is difficult toys - dolls. They like to live in their own world. Road here knows each child, but few adults remember it. Doll World diverse, raznotsvete and comfort. Fairy princess ride in a carriage and live in castles. Dolls-girlfriend change outfits and hairstyles. A monster-men and tin soldiers are eternal battle. But somehow, some dolls a week throw in the corner, and other carefully preserved and passed on to children and grandchildren. Like a doll becomes a mirror of the soul of the child?

Psychologists say that the dolls have to play all the children: both girls and boys. That's how kids get first communication skills. Already in the first months of life, they gaze into a puppet face, recognizing in it the features of a human face. If baby doll like he's smiling, reaching for her hands, "talking." At this time, it is important to give children the greatest possible choice. Let crib "live" and dolls, rag and simpleton, and dolls and nesting dolls. The main thing is to be positive, not overwrought and safe.

After one and a half years, the child becomes an active researcher in the world. With toys kids work out and fix basic skills: they need to be fed, led a walk, bathe and put to bed. On the doll easier to learn to tie shoelaces and buttoning. Favorite dolls and small animals spend with the baby all day, accompanying him in all actions. They become the "shadow" of the child and the first friend: together fun and gruel to eat and listen to a story.

More emotional bond becomes stronger. After three years, children toys confer certain character traits (usually their own) and give them special nicknames, names. Puppet world is increasingly begins to reflect the world around the child. Game situations become more complex, formed ability to reproduce daily activities. When alone, the baby doll and friends may or may quarrel. Parents are important to gently grasp the essence of the game. Through communication with the doll can teach children not only household skills, but also overcome the complex psychological situations.

Up before school, when the game overshadowed, dolls are for the little guy by the knowledge and understanding of the world. Dolls child may complain, talk about their grievances. He also he will make remarks for bad behavior by copying adults. On dolls doshkolyatam go through the stages of socialization, simulating various social processes.

Adults may find some dolls own features. You should not shy away from this fact or make observations of children. Watching the game with dolls, you can look into the soul of the child, to know that he is concerned, and that, on the contrary, pleased. Parents need to remember that the little guy can not articulate their emotions. He expresses them indirectly, away from him, carrying on an obedient subject - doll.

Toys live a life with his young master. Those dolls that best suit the child's identity, are his favorite.

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