Child development: how to expand your vocabulary baby

Child development: how to expand your vocabulary baby
 For each year of adult flies almost imperceptibly. And for a kid who has not 12 months - is a long time. During this period, pipsqueak learn many things that will be useful to him in life. Speech - a vivid example. And in one year, you can increase your child's vocabulary several times.

It is necessary to remember ourselves that the child itself does not learn to speak. The main instrument of knowledge is to repeat. We need to talk with the child and repeat several times the same thing. All the actions that you do need to give a clear comment. Can not in any case to speak on children's language, omitting some of the letters, otherwise the baby will continue to talk that way, and convince him that he says is wrong, it will be very difficult.

Talk to the child - is the most effective technique to help him learn as many words and learn to pronounce. As the child tries to speak their language and parents are about what he says, for example, "aw-aw", which means "dog". Need to continue to talk about it with him, but his adult language, and as a result "aw-aw" with his mouth will eventually become a "dog".

When you notice that the child is interested in something, whether it's a bike flying butterfly or another child in the sandbox, tell him what he sees. Featuring thing - try to call him.
Also, the development of speech depends on the fine motor skills. Do baby massage palms, fingers. Start watching and modeling with the child, it also stimulates the palms and fingers.

Do not ask the crumbs that he repeated the words to, you can make the situation worse, and it will close. Just talk to him. Even if he does not speak, he may accumulate vocabulary. This is also good.

For two years the baby has left between 100 and 300 words. Of course, it clearly says they have not yet, but in general it can be understood. He already speaks two-word phrases, and when he was about something ask, runs errands.
Remember that children are the same stage of development, but everyone all individually. If a kid does not say even two years, it's not so bad, but in the future it will probably be talking all at once.

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