Bedtime Stories: Read with your child

Bedtime Stories: Read with your child
 "Dad, read a fairy tale" - asks the kid, rubbing his eyes in bed cams. Papa includes dim lights, sits on the edge of the bed, opens the book and the magic begins! Scarce flies in the wonderful country, where animals can talk, walk in the parks of extraordinary beauty princess, the frog turns into a prince, and save the dwarves from the evil stepmother Snow White ...

When a parent-child reading a bedtime story, between them forge strong emotional connection. Kid in such moments surrounded by the warmth, care and attention. He sees a number of beloved mom or dad, takes the hand, feels the power and heat. Hears native quiet unhurried voice.

Tale calms the child's mind after a day full of impressions. At such moments, the child knows that he is in complete safety. He was not scared, and not difficult to fall asleep. It is very important that this sense of security it will keep for a lifetime. It will be his unshakeable foundation. He will always know that it is not one that is behind a secure rear.

Reading at night develops the baby's imagination, awakens his imagination. Flight of thought goes beyond the written text. And now the boy himself manages a flying ship and fight dragons. A girl sees how she loses at midnight on the steps of the palace stairs glass slipper. And maybe it is in the morning to ask, "Where have escaped the mouse, and is now a big orange pumpkin? »

Today, parents are concerned that children do not want to read. Everyday at night reading the surest way to instill a love of books. Children want to be like their parents. If Dad with a book in his hands, then it is correct. And the child himself will take a book off the shelf to read it. Or in the morning he will want to know: Does Ellie came to Toto to Oz? Until the evening to wait a long time, and the book is close - is only open.

But after the baby learns to read on their own, do not stop reading the evening. Such a good pastime ritual, which the child will look forward, as soon as the window will start to darken. Go to sleep will not be so hurt, because in front of waiting for a fairy tale. And read it the most expensive in the world people.

In our time, speed and haste adults too will benefit such evenings. This is a great way to escape from the daily worries, relax and enjoy the contact with the child.

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