Whether the girl, or a vision of scandalous advertising Veet

 Creator of a new advertising Veet reminded the heroine of the film "Manners survive 5+" (Survive Style 5+), reklamschitsu with ambiguous sense of humor, the press and the public perplexing question: funny or not funny?

Three commercials Veet been criticized for categorical pitch threads. In short video sounds a warning to women not to neglect the daily shaving, or the next day can turn into a fat, bearded, hairy guy. The ad plays with the following themes: man wakes up with a girl who forgot to shave legs yesterday and sees a miracle overgrown; the taxi driver does not dare stop to draw a girl with hairy armpits; pedicure master gets nervous, lifting leg client.

In the address commercials accusations of sexism, and transseksualo- gomofobstve and more. In response, the creator of the video say that the idea of ​​them suggested the girl they themselves consider it funny.

However, it is clear that the treatment of hair removal is slowly transformed. Veet joke was so unfunny that the company had to remove this advertisement.

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