Tanning. Tips for applying

 With the arrival of the first heat many of us there is a desire to change the skin tone. But what if you do not have time to visit a solarium? Of course, the use of tanning. On the pages of women's magazine JustLady, practical tips for applying avtobronzant  

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First of all, it is necessary to make sure that avtobronzant not expired. This advice is all the more urgent that the majority of these funds intended for no more than a year. "Exhausted" as cream can give a lot of surprises, starting with a tiger coloring and finishing with allergic skin reactions.

Before applying bronzer need to thoroughly clean the skin scrub. This procedure removes dead cells and helps the cream to "get" as deeply as possible into the epidermis. Therefore, after peeling sunburn is a more steady and persistent.

Avtobronzant in any case can not be applied directly after a warm shower. The skin must be allowed to cool. Otherwise advanced steam pores will absorb the cream and colors are very intense. The resulting "point" tan can permanently discourage "the sun of the tube."

Particular attention should be paid to the transition from the cheeks to the ears and the chin to the neck. Cream in these areas must be spread very carefully, otherwise get the effect of "African masks" when tanned face stands out from the crowd.

Apply tanning on the body need the bottom up, starting with the feet and moving up the shoulders.
In this case, the natural folds, knees and elbows have to cover the minimum amount of cream. This precaution will help avoid potential embarrassment: the fact that the excess avtobronzant can give these areas an unpleasant bluish.

After the procedure is necessary to wash hands with soap and rub your nails thoroughly with a brush. Otherwise, fingers, palms and nails will become a bright yellow color, which "victim" will sport a few days.

If turned blotchy tan, despair not. You can conduct a "dry-cleaning" of the skin, in the arsenal which has two essential reagent - fresh lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide. Both of these tools well removed artificial pigmentation of the epidermis and return to its original color. So that beginners can take experimenters "sunbathing" absolutely calm: in case of failure tan you can always wash it off.

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