Restoration of elasticity and beauty breast

Restoration of elasticity and beauty breast
 View the breast after birth and nursing, as well as in adulthood is often frustrating women, because you want to keep it elastic, attractive round shape, and it does not always work.

Restore the beauty of the breast - a natural desire, but since any manipulation of this very delicate organ, make sure there are no mastitis or any other disease.

An effective means for the cosmetic restoration of elasticity is breast cool water, which improves blood circulation of the body, the state of the blood vessels and tissues. The result will be even more impressive if you do whirlpool with a special rotating brush. Breast and lower neck is also a good idea to wipe the ice cubes. And after the procedure in a circular motion, rub moisturizing cream or lotion. Specifically for the care of breast created a lot of drugs that contain useful extracts from medicinal plants, including sage, chamomile, aloe, burdock, St. John's wort, as well as vitamins.

Help improve breast sea salt. Dissolve in warm water 400 g salt and pleasant to relax for 15 minutes. Soap or gel in this case, you do not need.

If you lying in the bath is contraindicated (unfortunately, this can not be done if there is a problem with the heart), then you may replace them with contrasting compresses. Put two basin of water. In one basin - cold water - Dissolve lemon juice (it can be replaced and apple cider vinegar), in the other, pour hot water with sea salt. Soak a cloth or a towel in hot water for half a minute and apply to the chest, and then - in the cold. This procedure should be performed several times. Sea salt nourishes breast minerals and "pulls" excess fluid and juice or vinegar tightens pores and normalize blood circulation.

You can buy cosmetics from mud and conduct treatments at home. Beauticians are advised to choose for this evening, when the skin is most receptive.

Prepare a tonic for breast: dissolve potato starch in warm milk, add the egg whites and two tablespoons of honey. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of 15 minutes.

To make your chest look great, right Pick up bras, Exercise and watch your posture. Although direct diet for breast are not available, you can indirectly help her: on the skin directly affects the state of the digestive system.

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