Methods of artificial tanning

Methods of artificial tanning
 Tan was always in fashion. However, the frequent finding in direct sunlight may cause more harm skin. Today there are many ways to acquire the desired tan without the sun. So now that women do not need to wait for the summer heat and beach access.
 There is a huge amount of cosmetics to simulate Sun - cream, sprays, lotions, wipes that will help any woman, and a man easily get the desired gold, bronze or chocolate skin tone.

The most optimum and safe way to get a nice tan - it solarium. Solarium dosing ratio strictly UV spectrum of A and B, it activates the formation of vitamin A, has a beneficial effect in the treatment of skin diseases. At a reasonable dosage sessions solarium eliminates the risk of sunburn.

Get a tan just 8 hours, you can use the salon treatments - Spray-toning. On your body uniformly sprayed a special paint that dries in 20 minutes. The intensity of the tan you pick and choose the faster, take a shower, the brighter the tone tan and vice versa.

Modern avtobronzanty, which are issued in the form of mousses, milks, lotions, sprays and creams now available to everyone and make it easy to achieve the desired tan yourself at home. Formulation of such means enriched anti-age, nutritional and moisturizing components that make uniform tan and do not cause skin dryness.

At home, you can prepare yourself tanning of natural resources. Coloring effect has carrot juice. To do this, grate the carrots on a fine grater, squeeze the juice and apply it evenly to the skin. Hold the mask for 15 minutes and rinse. Performing this procedure for 3-4 days in a row, you'll get a pronounced effect of sunburn.

Gradually gives the skin a golden tan strong tea. They need to wipe the face and body on a daily basis before applying makeup and prodelyvat 10-minute mask. Besides tea infusion due to the content of the antioxidant has a rejuvenating effect.

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