How to make perfect breasts

How to make perfect breasts
 Every woman wants to have perfect breasts. This is largely dependent on the nature of data, but by their own efforts can significantly improve its appearance, which requires regular exercise and use special cosmetics.

For saggy breasts and lose elasticity necessary daily exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the breasts. The most popular and well-known exercise is as follows: Place the hands palm to palm, raising his elbows on the level of the chest so that your forearms are horizontal. Firmly squeeze the palm of your hand, as if trying to squeeze something. In this case, you should feel the tension in the chest. Then relax and re-tighten. Repeat the exercise 20 times.

Another exercise to strengthen muscles. Somknite forearm in the face so they took a vertical position and facing toward you inner surface, squeeze hands into fists. Without opening hand, lift them up, as it were, setting the stage for a head, and then return to the starting position. Repeat 30 times.
Also useful are side bends. Thus it is necessary to close his hands behind his head and dilute elbows to the sides. Make 10 tilts left and right.

A wonderful tool for breast firming - douche. Just do not make too big temperature difference, and even more so to use too hot water. Include alternately cool and slightly hot water, thus making massage in a circular motion with the help of the soul. It is desirable in principle, do not abuse hot water - it makes the skin sagging. Get in the habit to wash with warm water.

Modern cosmetology offers a host of facilities for the care of the breast: a special pull-up serum, lotions and creams for firming the skin. They will be a great addition to comprehensive care. However, be careful when choosing the media: give preference only to trusted brands and make sure to test for the absence of allergy to components of the previously discovered a small amount of money.

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