How to increase legs

How to increase legs
 When working on the body, we strive to make sure that no one muscle group was not left unattended. Strong, powerful legs - one of the goals in the program of any athlete. Leveling legs should occupy the entire training den, and in any case should not be mixed in training with other muscle groups. Zoom in and legs can pump in the performance of several basic exercises.

Squat with a barbell. Adjust the height and weight of the bar to comfortable for you as to remove and put on a rack or on the side so you can perform a full twelve sets of eight to ten repetitions.

Follow the "reverse pyramid" - start with low weight and a large number of repeats and ends at a few repetitions with superheavy weight. Be sure to fear, otherwise you may injure themselves when an error in the exercise.


Suck triceps and hamstrings at the gym. Seek triceps thigh immediately after squats, doing leg extensions for six sets of ten to twelve repetitions, and then move on to the exercises for the biceps legs, with the same number of repetitions and approaches.


Pay special attention to calves, when there is insufficient elaboration of the calf muscles legs look unfinished, with narrow hips and shake the shins. Use as standard lifts barbell on your toes and lifting weights workout on both feet.

Always completely individual study of each workout each leg using the lifts on one leg with the extra weight dumbbells in hand. When working on the calves, perform fifteen to twenty repetitions, and up to ten approaches in each type of exercise.

Pay attention

Do not forget to drink water during your workout!

Useful Tips

Try to get your feet were not loaded in daily life before and after workouts, give your muscles time to recover.

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