How to find beautiful forms without simulators

How to find beautiful forms without simulators
 In order to keep your body in excellent physical shape, or find a slim figure, it is not necessary to torment themselves in numerous gyms plants, pumping muscles in expensive gyms. Any woman is literally surrounded by simple and accessible "simulators". They are perfectly cope with the task of maintaining your body in good shape, besides, using their save you much.

First, meet regularly every woman simulator - staircase. Give up the elevator and in a week you will feel like in tone come muscles of the buttocks and legs. How would it not sound vulgar, but a beautiful ass - a significant portion of the women's success, adds the lion's share of confidence every yoke. Scientists have shown that when walking on stairs spent five times more energy than walking on a plane. So, if you're determined to use the ladder as a trainer, you will not miss a single step that occurs on your way. Elevators, escalators and ramps - the enemies of your beautiful forms (even future), strictly avoid them. Remember that when lifting the buttocks and train front of the thighs, and the descent all the leg muscles, so regularly alternate ascending and descending. When you feel the result, begin to increase the load, such as climbing through one step or jogging up the stairs. The main thing is not to break my personal.

Second available simulator - a plastic bottle filled with water. The fact that it's a great alternative to expensive dumbbells because you can alternate weight (pour different amounts of water), to change the bottle labels on them. Maybe it sounds silly, but the effect of diversity, which is achieved in this way, a very good effect on the results of training, try and understand everything. In addition, such a "dumbbell" absolutely safe, but if you drop an iron dumbbell, then at least spoil linoleum, as a maximum, a local emergency room more work. One of the most effective exercises with bottles filled with water - crossing arms raised above his head. Repeating it every day, soon you got the beautiful and toned chest muscles.

The third simulator will appeal not only to fans of the sport, but also fans of a tasty snack. We are talking about the watermelon, as an alternative gymnastic ball. Smooth, moderately large round watermelons serve as an excellent trainer simply because nobody wants it to drop. So you'll be struggling to hold it in your hands, doing standard exercises with the ball, but at the same time putting intense work all the muscles, which is very good impact on your forms. After training, you can reward yourself a few slices of juicy berries, which not only helps to keep yourself in shape, but also tidies the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Repeat these exercises every day and in a month you will completely change in the eyes of others.

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