How to be perfect in their appearance

How to be perfect in their appearance
 Natural beauty and well-groomed appearance is always appreciated more than the corrected through plastic surgery facial features, attempts to change the appearance using make-up and bright colors cause. To maintain the beauty of your face and body should be able to every woman.  
 Skin care and hair care base is complex, which must be met in order to be attractive at any age. Depending on what means and how much time you have, you need to create an individual program of care. At the first signs of aging start to use special cosmetics containing antioxidants and vitamins. In later years, you will need intensive programs with active substances acting at the cellular level. In his youth, quite regularly moisturize and cleanse the skin.

Traditional recipes for skin care and hair care is not less effective than the widely advertised trends in cosmetology - in any case important to regularly. Of the available products, which are in every home, you can make a nutritious or hydrating mask (oatmeal, honey, yogurt, eggs, fruits and vegetables). Homemade cream are safe composition and efficiency.

Protect your skin from the sun - with age, exposure to UV rays becomes destructive, promotes the formation of wrinkles and age spots. Fighting pigment spots must be active - they often spoil the skin, depriving it of uniform color. Peels and scrubs are needed not only to cleanse the skin and to remove the top layer of cells, stimulation of renovation covers.

As part of a comprehensive program of care and getting rid of unwanted hair, visiting beauty salons for skin correction (narrowing of pores, removing dull luster, intensive mitigation and food, etc.).

Try to keep the figure - eat nutritionally, eat lots of fruits and drink plenty of fluids, providing skin elasticity. Prevents the occurrence of edema, reducing salt intake. Try to monitor the functioning of the intestine and prevent the violation of metabolism as a result of malnutrition.

Find your style - experiment with clothes, colors and styles, please read the figure. Disproportionality not hide behind baggy clothes and spacious, and learn how to adjust the figure by means of an intelligent combination of individual elements and accessories.

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