There are a million ways to be beautiful! And hundreds of techniques to maintain freshness and charm. Every nation - its tradition, its a miracle elixirs. Perform with us a fascinating journey through the make-up countries and continents and find your secret weapon!

Amour toujours

Paris - the capital of fashion and love, France - a country of beauty. This axiom is not questioned. But if you were there, you may have noticed - the French are not so beautiful. What's the matter? How do they manage to keep the title of the most beautiful women in the world?

The secret lies in the fact that French women for several centuries earlier than their neighbors to understand: if contact with his face and body trembling as with the greatest jewel, the most ordinary appearance will shine like a diamond!

Thermal water - A unique gift of nature, a treasure of ancient glaciers. For centuries, it travels through the Earth's interior before you get to the surface. During this time of "just water" it turns into an active, rich in minerals and complex polysaccharide substance. Thermal water epidermis - as a sip of water to flower in the desert. It nourishes, not overfeeding, deeply moisturizes, stimulates internal processes and strengthens the protective properties. A small amount is enough to skin blossomed before our eyes.

People were able to use this wealth in the days of the Roman Empire, but only the French could make thermal water available not only on spa resort.

Bathing in milk as a magic beauty treatments even mentioned in fairy tales.Milk baths became mandatory for French beauties in the XVIII century. In those days, very few people versed in the chemical composition and properties of known acids and proteins, but women without any intricacies seen as milk after bathing the skin becomes elastic and soft. Today milk bath you can offer only in the cabin class "luxury". More affordable and common procedure - baths for hands of heavy cream.

And the mask with cream or yogurt at least once in their lives to do each! Creams and masks with lactic acid are used extensively in the SPA-industry as a means of rejuvenating and refreshing. Thank you Madame Pompadour!

Predecessor Pompadour, Madame de Maintenon, was known at the court of Louis XIV, not only because of its unlimited power over the king windy but surprisingly velvety skin. Her secret was ... peaches, more precisely, fruit acids, which are now part of the peeling, whitening and anti-aging masks.

Vedas about prerasno

Europeans have only recently discovered the wisdom of Ayurveda.

And in India, "Science of Life" for thousands of years is considered to be a basic guide on the path to health and beauty. The most powerful tool in the struggle for the appeal was considered sandalwood paste, which gives the skin a smooth and light glow. Today we know that magical transformation occurred with the help of essential oils.

Indians used not only sandalwood oil. They used the essences of iris root and patchouli leaves, made extracts from turmeric and other exotic spices.

Honey- The first delicacy known to man. Our ancestors worshiped all over the world, this sweet product, and brought him to the gods, was used during religious ceremonies. But honey - it is also a valuable cosmetic product. It includes rare trace elements necessary for dry thin skin. Not so long ago, honey wrap was used in anti-cellulite and modeling programs: it turned out that it stimulates the metabolism and detoxification (by chance our grandmothers took a jar of honey in the steam room!). The first use of honey for skin care were residents of northern India - more than two millennia ago.

Indian famous not only smooth supple skin, but also gorgeous thick hair. No latest scientific developments will not replace natural natural cosmetics - palm oil. It stimulates hair growth, strengthens the roots, closes the scales, prevents cross-section (a resident of South Asia simply do not know what a "split ends") and gives them a shine and volume, which did not dream any commercials! This is both a mask and air conditioning. Knowledgeable people, going to these parts, be sure to bring home a bottle of pure palm oil. By the way, it is part of many ready-made hair masks. Indian women in general can be considered ancestors of hair care and hair cosmetics inventor, without which it can not do any one caring about their appearance woman!

The mistress of the tea ceremony

In Chinese love poetry female face compared to the silver moon and lotus petals. The descendants of Confucius offered for female beauty are very stringent requirements, without recognizing the slightest trace of fading. Fight the signs of aging in medieval China was even more decisive than in modern Europe and America.

Chinese first applied not only to the plant, but also to the mineral kingdom, using the properties of gold, silver, jade, jasper. Hard way to preserve the smoothness of the face, now known as "golden thread" (sewing leather thin gold wire), was invented in this country. In our time, the ions of silver and copper,Bio-gold - Components of the elite anti-aging cosmetics. It is no coincidence with the increased demand for funds antieydzh increased the popularity of Chinese funds!

Link to stone and metal did not exclude a deep knowledge of herbs.The world-famous "man root" - ginseng first used in China, too: as a universal cure-all, and then as a source of vitamins for the skin. Ginseng - a unique natural multivitamin complex, so it is added to the medicated creams, serums and masks, to address the serious dermatological problems, until the acne and eczema.

Several years ago, green tea was the most fashionable component of perfumes and cosmetics. Today, the hype around him subsided somewhat, but the unique properties of tea leaves have not changed.Tea - the best antioxidant and metabolic stimulant. Cosmetics with tea extract has potent bactericidal effect, increases turgor and elasticity of the skin, so it is added, not only in face creams, but also for the hands and feet. Tea as an ingredient indispensable in the fight against cellulite, it neutralizes toxins and carcinogens. This is a real treasure trove of health, and we also owe it to the Chinese.

Geisha: Art of Seduction

Porcelain figurines chiseled faces and Japanese women - the subject of admiration throughout the world. No coincidence that in Japan the institution of a geisha - a woman who, while remaining inaccessible, is able to captivate and fascinate, to give pleasure to all five senses.

Mostpeeling trendy today - rice powder. Rice - a source of vitamins and minerals, and even he - a perfect absorber. If the cream is added to the extract of rice or rice bran oil, it ensures classy matt skin and minimizes the appearance of oily sheen. The first use of rice in cosmetology found what Japanese.

They gave us the principle of "beauty from within." The beauty of their skin Japanese owe much of the traditional diet, which consists of three required products: rice, fish and seaweed. The abundance of phosphorus and iodine beneficially affects not only the intellect, but also on the exterior.

In recent years, the products of leading cosmetic companies began to add corals. And the most valuable are the corals of the Sea of ​​Japan. They include the entire periodic table and ionic level, penetrate the skin and strengthen it. Japanese women were aware of the beauty of coral properties long before western experts and used them for their own benefit.

Native open spaces

Traditions of Russian cosmetics back to the sorceress that of roots and blades of grass made "Love Potion": evaporation, insisting drying out, they forced the plants to share with skin beauty and youth. Natural ingredients: extracts of fruits and leaves, extracts of various herbs - are still the hallmark of the Russian cosmetics.

Domestic beauticians to solve complex problems and to strengthen the protective skin adaptogenic properties: because our climate swings are great. A new word in the beauty industry development was the invention of oxygen cosmetics. This is no accident! In the Middle Ages Russian knew long walks provide stunning complexion.

Major planet

The philosophy of beauty, like nothing else, reflects the national character and temperament - and in each case there is something undeniably valuable!

-Bright, lush beauty of Italy predetermined sunny disposition arsenal of beauty Apennine peninsula. There is a huge role for the flavor, color, texture cream or gel. Italians first discovered and began to use the valuable impact of citrus oils to the skin. Orange, lemon, tangerine narrow pores, tighten and whiten. Not less popular olive oil - a unique source "vitamin of youth" E. Sophia Loren, in his seventy years has once again recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world, does not tire of a declaration of love to this golden miracle of nature.

-Neighbor Italy - pedantic, accurate Switzerland. But her character is very different. Swiss obsessed with cleanliness and efficiency, including when it comes to cosmetic products. In search of the best solution they use exotic African tree juices and extracts of precious caviar; do not forget about the wealth of alpine herbs and use cellular technology. Whatever it was, you can be sure: Swiss product passes the most stringent quality control and therefore is perfect in its brevity and benefits.

-Americans - Innovators and tireless experimenters in the world of cosmetology. They do not get tired to prove that the firm belief in the chemical industry sometimes works wonders! The Americans have come up with to use silicone as a protective agent for hair, they taught the world to synthesize vitamins, use mineral oils and hyaluronic acid, which is now recognized as the most powerful moisturizer. They own invention Botox and similar substances, paralyzing facial muscles and preserve the smoothness characteristics.

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