Ayurveda and beauty

Ayurveda and beauty
 Ayurveda has come to us from India. This is by far the oldest of the existing systems of health and philosophy of life. No wonder literally "Ayurveda" means "science of life". At the heart of Ayurveda is an ancient philosophical doctrine, which states that every person can heal himself.

The ancient teachings of Ayurveda divides people into three physical types. Type is determined by the dominant element in the human constitution - air, fire or water. In Ayuovede these elements are combined on the basis of the three doshas.
Vata - is air and ether, Pitta - Fire, Kapha - Water. Anyone relates to any type, or may combine several types. Action vata dosha felt elated when emotional impulses. Its most important function - it's conscious and unconscious movements and processes in our body. Vata is responsible for the movement of nutrients and substances of internal secretion in the body. Ate your senses are working well - so wool is in equilibrium.

Pitta dosha. Its most important function - digestion. With this dosha we feel hunger, thirst, appetite. It provides pitta body temperature normal. She is responsible for the vision and makes it possible to distinguish color and shape. Summarizing all parties "activity" Pitt, we can say that all the biochemical processes taking place in our body, are associated with it.

Kapha dosha gives our body stability. It protects our brain, ensures smooth movement of food and other other substances in the body. All bodily fluids also apply to kapha.

Ayurveda - is, first of all, the doctrine of the life of the spirit and the body, and its division into doshas affect on what foods you should eat. Many Indian Ayurvedic practices help to improve not only health, but also appearance. Here are a few recipes with which you can improve the condition of their skin.

A person who is just starting to explore this ancient teachings and still find it difficult to determine which dosha belongs to his body, we offer several universal beauty tips that fit all.

Acne. To cope with this annoying problem you will paste of turmeric and sandal powder. Mix in a ratio of 1: 1 and turmeric powder, dilute with water and stir until the state of a homogeneous mass. Apply on face mask and hold for 15-20 minutes, rinse with warm water.

Limit your intake of salt and salty foods. Salt retains moisture in the body, causing swelling can lead to inflammation and pimples.

Clean the blood for the treatment of acne. If you have acne lasts a long time - perhaps in your body is a large amount of toxins. For natural blood purifier herbal laxative take first, and then drink a cup of tea of ​​burdock root. Burdock root can be just like a regular brew tea.

The flesh of cilantro - an effective tool against rash. Chop cilantro as possible small to get soft homogeneous mass. Put a lot on the rash, soak, rinse with warm water.

Bow against boils. Boils - an inflammation of the limited cutaneous abscesses in the form of solid nodules filled with liquid. This inflammation can be very painful. For the treatment of this vexing problem attach to the affected area as a poultice onions. After the boil and obmyaknet ripe, it can be removed.

Tea with coriander can be used to treat the rash. Drink tea with coriander for the night. For one welding enough 1 teaspoon coriander seeds and 1 cup of hot water.

Coconut oil for the treatment of sunburn - a great tool. Coconut oil not only helps heal burns, but also restores the skin's moisture balance.

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