Harmful youth fashion trends

Harmful youth fashion trends
 Carefully, trendy things can be harmful! Troika "leaders": high heel, "squeezes" clothing, sunglasses. As usual, it would seem, things can cause serious damage to health.

How often carried away by the creation of self-image, we completely forget about their health. But a lot of things that are considered fashionable, can cause irreparable damage to health!

№ 1. High Heel

Many girls wear high-heeled shoes. They can be painful, uncomfortable, but, nevertheless, gritting his teeth, they continue to do so. Why?

Someone wants to visually enhance the growth, someone - to make his gait more feminine, someone wants to look more slender legs. Some women even claim that high-heeled shoes is easier to keep your posture.

Undoubtedly, there are advantages heels. However, doctors say that the constant wearing high heels are harmful to health. It is not only notorious calluses, ingrown nail into the skin, the apparent leg fatigue, but also the development of flat feet, varicose veins, pain in the back.
Choose comfortable shoes in which you feel comfortable and easy.

№ 2. «squeezes» Clothing

Skinny jeans. That they can find attractive? Slim and trim, decrease in visual form? Fee for all this "fun" - a violation of the natural blood flow, compression, lymph nodes, and, as a consequence, edema, inhibition of normal metabolism, cellulite. Are the victims of such tight jeans?

Close the cap. Caps - it is fashionable, and, in addition, caps protect from the scorching rays of the sun, from ticks. Cap, which is great, can easily disrupt the wind. Some girls (apparently survived the sad experience of losing a cap "in the wind"), buying so close and tight-fitting cap that subjected their heads danger.

Squeezing whiskey too tight headpiece can cause headaches. Poor circulation due to the narrow cap leads to problems with hair and scalp: hair becomes weak, brittle, begin to fall. Who needs it?

Byustgaltery- "gripe". Specialists mammologist not recommend wearing constricting bras. How Come? It's very simple: when wearing a bra lag hard to breathe, difficult blood flow to the breast, and this, in turn, can cause cancer. Why risk your health?

№ 3. Sunglasses

Looked out the sun, and now many people rush to "hide" their eyes from the sun behind dark glasses. But so whether good "hide" the eyes from the sun sunglasses in real life?

In fact, most of dark points only extend pupils, allowing ultraviolet rays to penetrate freely into the eye. Burns of the cornea and the retina, cataracts, blurred vision, "night blindness" - that is the result of extended wear sunglasses.

If you still firmly decided to wear sunglasses, make sure that they really are the "defenders" of the sun, not the "worker". Ensure that there is a chemical filter for ultraviolet light. Choose quality models glasses, take care of your vision.

Remember that beauty - is, first of all, health. If you pyshesh health, good feeling, cheerful and optimistic - no doubt, hundreds (yes there are hundreds - thousands!) Admiring glances will be directed at you.

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