Fashionable bag - your business card

Fashionable bag - your business card
 Women bag - this is not a whim, and the index status, the presence of taste and sense of style. It's kind of a business card, which can tell a lot about his mistress. Bag - the very final touch that completes the image you created. Not casually design bags occupy the same brands that dictate the fashion in clothes.
 Today, fashion is a wide variety of styles, fashion does not recognize any trends and rigorous framework. Manufacturers offer bags of different sizes, shapes and colors. This is what makes the choice of bags, suitable for you created appearance, especially complex.

The bag was indeed your business card and testified impeccable taste of his mistress, before buy it, think about the things that make up your wardrobe and style that you practice. What kind of things it is dominated by classic, extravagant, from which they are sewn fabrics? In addition, determine for which season you buy a bag and whether you will go with her to the office or you need it for going to a nightclub or publication.

Pay particular attention to the style and color of the bag. That is what will determine how it will be combined in style and color to your clothing. If your wardrobe is dominated by clothing with printed pattern in bright colors, it is best to choose one-color bag classic dark colors - brown or black. Monochrome things liven up colored bags decorated with ornaments or decorative inserts. It is not necessary that it perfectly matches the color of some of the details of the toilet - enough to take into account the overall color palette of the whole outfit.

Has the value and size of the bag. More convenient when it is large enough to it without problems placed umbrella, organizer, cosmetic bag and a folder with documents, but for a hike at social events or a party this bag will not fit. On the other hand, the same clutch quite inconvenient to have as an everyday bag with which you go to work.

Consider the length of the strap, picking up the bag to her figure. Bag hanging at waist level, will attract attention to it, as well as a bag hanging on the hips, making them visually bigger. If you think their overweight, adjust the strap to bag hung higher or lower release it when you have a waist is not very noticeable.

And again, it is not necessary to purchase counterfeit famous brands, no matter how well they are looked at. Now in stores you can buy a very decent, comfortable and original handbags that will go with your clothes and will look organic, and not shout about what you want to look "expensive", but for this you do not have enough money.

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