Fashion trends of the coming winter

Fashion trends of the coming winter
 Winter 2012 season is full of contradictions. Fashion trends - feminine images in the style of the 40s, men's style and minimalism of the 90s. Silhouette becomes less fitting. The most relevant material - fur.
 Remains popular trend femininity and elegance comes from the 40s of the last century. Particularly fashionable winter coats and fur coats will be up to the ankles, simple silk blouses, pencil skirts and straight dresses just below the knee. Complement their jackets with Basques, fur collars - racks, high gloves.

Remains the fashion and style of the 60s. It is characterized by a square or trapezoidal silhouette. For example, flared wool trousers, a poncho, skirt trapezoid combined with a turtleneck and boots on a high heel stable. Fashion sweater with diamonds will, tweed jackets and hats made of felt.

If you do not like feminine images, refer to the masculine style. With each season, it is becoming increasingly popular. Latest suits "for men." In women, there was a new thing, borrowed from the male wardrobe - a tuxedo.

The trendy minimalist style can be made dresses, jackets, outerwear. They are complemented by stylish shoes and bright accessories.

One of the important winter accessories are scarves. This can be cravats, silk scarves, cashmere stoles. Hit of the season - a scarf fur.

One of the compulsory subjects in 2012 winter wardrobe should be long sweater. It is worn with skirts or trousers of different lengths. You can emphasize the waist with a thin belt. Sweater should be combined with the bottom and preferably be monotonous.

Winter coat can be any length. Relevant military uniform, rectangular and oval shapes. Hit of the season - a coat-hourglass. However, fashion is and flared silhouette. Colours may vary.

Jackets this season preferred elongated, quilted, with a belt and trimmed with fur.

Fur coats are relevant bright colors - emerald, pink, sky blue, mustard. However, there are things in fashion and classic colors - black and white. The most fashionable trend - a coat of sheepskin knee-length.

Go bareheaded this winter is considered bad manners. Relevant retro hat with a wide brim hats, bowler hats, knitted hats. The most fashionable hats are made of colored fur.

Shoes this season, the most diverse of any material, any color. In a fashion classic stiletto boots and retro boots on steady heel.

Of relevant accessories fur bags and two-tone leather gloves - leather palm covers the same color, the back side of it - the other.

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