Fashion habits: bad vs. useful

Fashion habits: bad vs. useful
 Determined by lifestyle habits. In order to get a nice, but a bad habit, quite a few times to get pleasure from it. But with the good habit somehow turns out badly. Like, a reasonable portion understands that it is necessary, and all nature resists: that once, laziness. In the field of life related to fashion and beauty, too, may have their useful and harmful habits.

People can not depend on the fashion industry, because the world does not stop "meet on clothes." Consequently, image, style and overall grooming play an important role in the evaluation of a person. So what is fashionable habits to create and maintain their image should get to always be on top, but from what it was time to give up?

Mindless shopping. No, little folly, of course, it is necessary to make: to raise yourself up buying unnecessary, but nice stuff you can. But to spend all the money on the thing that is like today, and tomorrow will gather dust on a shelf - already too much.

Useful: make a shopping list and do not deviate from it. Take the right amount of money and have a small margin in case things will be a little more expensive planned. Harmful: going to the boutique for trousers and skirts, to return home with dresses and blouses, which you have in your wardrobe and so incredible amount. Take all the money and lower them on unnecessary things that you put on the strength of one or two times.

Useful: be the route visiting boutiques or department store one based on the principle of rational consumption of power. Harmful: chaotic rush boutiques, loading heavy things first, and then drag them with the shops of accessories or perfumes and cosmetics, as well as to go shopping on an empty stomach and uncomfortable shoes.

Useful: engaged in shopping when you really need something. Have "emergency reserve" in case you meet the thing dreams, and do not spend it in any way to other things (good training for willpower). Harmful: shop just out of habit or on a "just to spend money just to buy something."

Useful: bargain with sellers, ask for discounts, find out when the next scheduled sale at your favorite boutique (this should be done prior to making purchases, and not after). Harmful: agree with the price indicated in the price list (in many shops sellers - or their own masters can always contact the host for discounts), to buy things for a few days before the sale, and then bite your elbows.

Useful: going shopping, to dress in a way that was comfortable for trying to undress quickly, and always keep in their bag "sledki." Harmful: shopping in the multilayered clothes with lots of buttons, metal on all shoe stores in search podsledniki to try on your favorite pair of shoes in the store, the remaining "somewhere behind us."

And, of course, in everyday life cook wardrobe, shoes, accessories, collect the bag and manicure the next day to evening. Nice to also have a "duty kit" - a set of clean ironed things picked up in style, that on any given day you can take off the shelf (removed from the hangers) and immediately put on without breaking your head and not worrying about your appearance.

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