Trendy bags: the hits of the fall season

Trendy bags: the hits of the fall season
 Stylish and fashionable handbag - accessory is most profitable and harmoniously complements your image. Apart from the fact that the bag - something comfortable and practical, it certainly can bring a bright accent and become that "highlight", which always remembers every woman and that from time immemorial we are looking for in a man. World Fashion House has introduced us to their new collections and you can now say a few words about fashion handbags, highlighting major hits of the upcoming fall season.

Fashion bags next autumn in its design very similar to those elegant beautiful bags that indulged themselves secular divas in the early 70-ies. Perfect lines, the combination of different colors, exquisite decor - all this inevitably leads us into an era of Grace Kelly, when the fashion was femininity, elegance and simplicity. Perhaps that is why fashion house Burberry Prorsum stayed true to its traditions, decorating bags only in the usual design of a large brush bright colors.

The main favorite in the collection of designer handbags have become with snake print. Bags of leather reptiles and snakes or imitation of them have become the main fashion trend autumn. With the addition of interesting geometric lines, patterns with ethnic motives, these bags have become a pleasant surprise for fans of stylish luxury. Fashion house Versace, Bottega Veneta, Chloe chose bags alligator unconditional hits the upcoming season.

Style "patchwork" has long expanded the borders of its presence, becoming not only one of the ways of decorating parts at home, but found quite a sophisticated application in the manufacture of bags. Opportunity to combine an absolute multitude of colors caught the attention of designers to that previously considered very "home" style. These bags can be found in the new collections of Roberto Cavalli, Marc Jacobs and Chloe.

Fans of business style this season is especially lucky, because for them, the designers have prepared not only strict leather briefcases and classic tweed clutch patterned "goose foot", but also stylish folders for papers and bags setchel. All of this can be found in the collections of fashion house Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy, Mulberry and Hermes.

The major hits of the fall season can also be attributed and vintage bags with straps, long-recognized bag resembling a wallet, traveling bags with straps and gold buckles.

Bags upcoming fall season should be capacious, voluminous, bright colors and with a wide variety of decorative finishes.

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