Show bra straps shame and not fashionable

 More recently, bras straps peeking out from under women's clothes, from T-shirts to evening dresses, considered very sexy. But in Hollywood decided that this phenomenon is out of fashion, and organized a special "police» Strap Police, which will follow the stars and bring them anathema if they allow themselves to appear in public in such a manner.  

In a network, even now a special website where anyone caught any known female personality in such a shameful garb may stigmatize its shame, suffering a "disgusting display syndrome strapless bra."

Margaret Rice from Miami, which owns the company selling bras Margarita Couture, said that regardless of whether it is simple or straps encrusted with Swarovski crystals for a woman no apologies if it shows them in public.

That Rice got the idea to organize Strap Police, to remove, finally unsightly spectacle of sight: "Disgusting syndrome showing bra straps is that when women dress, the bare shoulders, to show that does not need to show" - says Rice.

Flight hopes for mass response: "I recently watched one awards ceremony and saw a very famous star" sported "disgusting and dirty bra straps under a beautiful evening gown. It looked awful! ".

"If a celebrity or someone of your friends is guilty of pandering to this horrible" Fashion ", then you can send them a warning from the Strap Police».

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