Important: 5 key trends fall 2011

Important: 5 key trends fall 2011
 Fashion changes so often that we do not have time to keep up with her. Given autumn fashion trends can be quite a bit - just change your old wardrobe. And then you will again be on the crest of the fashion wave.

Modern fashion brings us into the image of retro 70s. Freedom-flared echoes cocky punk style, brutal biker motifs, vintage macrame lace elegant and feminine - all fashion trends autumn 2011. Among this diversity there are several major trends.


Dresses and skirts, made of pleated fabric will be very relevant in the fall. Just this fabric is used as a decorative addition for blouses, skirts and wedding dresses. Black or flesh-colored pleated skirts and dresses are the most stylish models of autumn 2011. The designers even use contrasting colors, a kind of play of colors of fabric.

Olive, terracotta and blue variety.

With the onset of autumn, bright colors of summer give way to quiet out of season color. This fall, the rich tones of terracotta and olive scale come into its own. Designers in their work using these colors, either separately or together.

Fashion Trends - Fall 2011 - a palette of blue, a variety of shades in combination with terracotta, gray and olive. Never before has a blue color did not act in such a variety: gray-blue and gray-blue, blue-green and blue-violet ... Plunge into this color blue tones to be women of fashion this fall.

Triumph gray

The familiar trend of 2010 - gray, so undeservedly forgotten designers, comes back to us. Fashion Trends Fall 2011 - a variety of clothing of all shades of gray.

Knits are made of gray yarn, relevant and stylish will look as elegant woman and the brutal man. Noble gray will look successfully combined with terracotta, olive, as well as brown. A smooth transition from one color to another will emphasize the aristocratic female image.

Fur trim

Fashion - Fall 2011 brings a stylish attribute as fur trim. Fur collars emphasize jackets and jackets, skirts and coats sheepskin, fur coats and sew little bulky vests. Autumn trend - it is fluffy fur with a long nap. The sine qua non - natural shade products, preferably gray-brown color.


This season just remain fashionable mini-shorts in combination with jackboots and high socks. During autumn shorts can replace the classical model: culottes. Her dress with tailor-made shirts and gray knitted vests, as well as with women, lace blouses and jackets strict.

Fashion this year invites us to look stylish, refined, with an insignificant share of aristocracy.

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