Fashionable sportswear 2011

Fashionable sportswear 2011
 Sportswear - not only comfortable but also fashionable, especially in this year 2011. How to choose pants or suit, so that they are relevant today?

Sportswear this season is not only convenient, but also beautiful and a bit glamorous. Women's sports have 2011 things look bright and seductive.

For tracksuits leading manufacturers used velvety velor fabric with pearl shimmer, silver patterns on a dark background or a combination of black, gray and pink colors.

As with most items of clothing this season in sporty style preference natural tones: black, white, gray, shades of brown, dark purple and beige.

Sports T-shirts on a style closer to tunics, they are long, loose-fitting and perfectly combined with leggings or tights are very dense. Depending on the details, can be used as a home clothes or mini-dresses for going out with friends and partying.

Very relevant T-shirts decorated with large inscriptions or with bright prints. Popular long and large T-shirts with shoulder straps, which can be a pododet more top to create a layered effect. Select a T-shirt in a sailor's striped leggings in color - and you are the star of the gym.

Of all the styles of sports pants the most current trends are variations on the theme slacks-bananas with cuffs at the ankle. These pants are very bright look with sneakers.

Blazers this season - discreet natural tones, but are made of velvet material or decorated with embroidery, sequins, large patterns and inscriptions, which makes them not only comfortable, but also eye-catching element of the image.

Sports shoes 2011 white has a classic shape and has almost no decoration. Black shoes will look alive in lacquered version. For shoe lovers brighter discount shoes and sneakers burning red or sky-blue color. Look great and various combinations of these colors.

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