Fashion shoes 2011

Fashion shoes 2011
 Shoes - love and passion for all women without exception. Most of the ladies ready to give all the money for their favorite pair of shoes. Of course! After all, those shoes that are the most fashionable, most comfortable and the most beautiful woman and do slimmer and younger and happier. And designers, know yourself, try to: develop every year more and more trendy and unusual collection.

For the recognition of professional stylists, the trends of 2009 and 2010 continued into this season. In fashion, as always classic: stiletto heels, platforms, wedges. Incredible decor, the combination can not be combined - are the main innovations in creating shoes 2011 season.

Still, the designers were able to formulate the basic tendencies tufelnogo season this year. Especially fashionable ladies will be in shoes on a high platform or wedge heels. Heel in the most fashionable shoes or very high, or no more than 5 cm in height. Socks shoes, too, as the two extremes, from acute to rounded open.

The only thing that designers themselves released to float freely and manage every year in the same pair of shoes to combine several models. For example, pumps with huge thick heels. Or stiletto heels combine with the base-sneakers. And all this from a completely different materials. In the course now for the manufacture of shoes all available materials: fur, stones, flowers, leather, mesh, ribbon, buttons. All this just to make each pair of shoes was unique.

As for the color of shoes, then again, no restrictions. In a fashion all shades from black to the brightest (bright green, juicy, red, yellow, magenta, and others.). Besides color enhanced by the addition of gold, silver, metallic shades. A special piquancy shoes 2011 season give prints. They are also in vogue. Therefore, everyone will stare at your shoes with polka dots, "goose foot", the shoes with animal, snake, ethnic, geometric and floral ornaments.

But mentioning the fashionable shoes, you should still be noted and the fashion of wearing shoes. Wear shoes you can not only on bare feet, stockings flesh or black and in general, as we used traditionally. This season, designers have allowed us a little bit to go crazy and wear shoes with woolen stockings gray. In addition, it is fashionable to wear over leggings or shoes socks. After all, this is how the street will not be scared in any weather. While maintaining a combination of elegance and comfort.

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